EuroBasket 2022 live free streaming

EuroBasket 2022 live free streaming: how to watch EuroBasket championship 2022 online from anywhere

EuroBasket 2022 live free streaming: A who’s who of NBA’s biggest stars, including back-to-back MVP Nikola Jokic, the previous back-to-back MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, and three-time All-Star Luka Doncic are in action at what promises to be one of the greatest European Basketball Championships ever. Doncic burst onto the scene as a relatively unknown 18-year-old when Slovenia shot to glory five years ago, and you can read on to find out how to watch a 2022 EuroBasket live stream from anywhere.

Spain are the top-ranked team in the competition and it wasn’t long ago that they dominated EuroBasket, but they’re a very different proposition without Ricky Rubio and the Gasol brothers. Having bested the US on their way to Olympic silver last summer, France look a far more interesting proposition, and Evan Fournier and Rudy Gobert always bring it.

The reigning EuroBasket champions, however, are going to take some beating. Goran Dragic was named MVP in 2017, and Doncic may well follow in his footsteps if the pre-tournament action was anything to go by. Slovenia got the better of Jokic’s Serbia, who beat the Greek Freak’s Greece in a tantalizing precursor to the European Basketball Championships action.

However, with the last 10 editions producing eight different winners, things rarely go by the script at EuroBasket, and the rapid-fire format is ripe for upsets. Will the big stars steal the show, or can an unsung hero make the difference? Follow our guide to watch a 2022 EuroBasket live stream from all over the world.

EuroBasket 2022 live free streaming Link

EuroBasket 2022 live free streaming Link


Dates: Thursday, September 1 – Sunday, September 18

Host countries: Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Italy

Live stream: ESPN Plus (US) | Courtside 1891(RoW)

How to watch EuroBasket 2022: live stream basketball in the US without cable

Hoops fans in the US can watch every EuroBasket 2022 game on streaming service ESPN Plus. Monthly plans cost just $6.99 a month, while the cost-saving annual subscription is priced at $69.99 a year. 

As an exclusively online service, ESPN Plus is available to stream via, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Oculus Go and Samsung connected TVs. As well as, of course, via a web browser on your computer.

Play typically begins at around 7.30am ET / 4.30am PT, but continues well into the afternoons.

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How to watch EuroBasket 2022: live stream in the UK, Australia, Canada and the rest of the world

EuroBasket 2022 isn’t being shown by a big-name broadcaster in the UK, Australia or Canada, but basketball fans can watch the entire tournament on Courtside 1891, which is FIBA’s own streaming platform.

It’s showing every game of the European Basketball Championship in almost every country worldwide, and you’ll have to subscribe to the Courtside 1891 Max package to watch games live. Prices differ from country to country.

For instance, in the UK a Courtside 1891 Max EuroBasket pass costs £18.99, while an annual pass costs £24.99. In Australia those prices are AU$19.99 and AU$29.99. In Canada those prices are CA$24.99 and CA$31.99.

If you don’t mind watching EuroBasket games on-demand instead, you can do so by signing up for a Courtside 1891 Plus account, which is free.

If you’re abroad right now you can use a VPN to stream EuroBasket 2022 on Courtside 1891. We’ve listed the full EuroBasket 2022 schedule at the bottom of the page.

EuroBasket 2022 live free streaming

How to watch EuroBasket 2022 from outside your country

If you’re abroad right now and struggling to tap into coverage of EuroBasket 2022, it may be due to geo-blocking, best understood as a digital border that restricts services and content to specific parts of the world.

The best VPN service will help you get around these digital borders, while also offering robust protection from cybercriminals and government snooping.

Use a VPN to live stream EuroBasket 2022 from anywhere

EuroBasket 2022 teams and groups

Group A

Group B
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group C
Great Britain

Group D
Czech Republic

EuroBasket 2022 schedule

(All times BST)

Sunday, September 4
12.30pm – Bulgaria vs Montenegro
1.30pm – Lithuania vs Germany
3.15pm – Spain vs Belgium
4.45pm – Slovenia vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
6pm – Turkey vs Georgia
7.30pm – France vs Hungary

Monday, September 5
1pm – Poland vs Israel
1.15pm – Croatia vs Estonia
4pm – Great Britain vs Greece
4.30pm – Czech Republic vs Netherlands
8pm – Ukraine vs Italy
8pm – Serbia vs Finland

Tuesday, September 6
12.30pm – Belgium vs Turkey
1pm – Netherlands vs Poland
1.15pm – Estonia vs Great Britain
1.30pm – Bosnia and Herzegovina vs France
3.15pm – Montenegro vs Spain
4pm – Greece vs Ukraine
4.15pm – Hungary vs Lithuania
4.30pm – Finland vs Czech Republic
6pm – Georgia vs Bulgaria
7.30pm – Germany vs Slovenia
8pm – Italy vs Croatia
8pm – Israel vs Serbia

Wednesday, September 7
12.30pm – Turkey vs Spain
1.30pm – Lithuania vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
3.15pm – Bulgaria vs Belgium
4.15pm – France vs Slovenia
6pm – Georgia vs Montenegro
7.30pm – Hungary vs Germany

Thursday, September 8
1pm – Finland vs Netherlands
1.15pm – Croatia vs Ukraine
4pm – Estonia vs Greece
4.30pm – Czech Republic vs Israel
8pm – Great Britain vs Italy
8pm – Serbia vs Poland

Saturday, September 10
1pm – Round of 16
3.45pm – Round of 16
7pm – Round of 16
9.45pm – Round of 16

Sunday, September 11
1pm – Round of 16
3.45pm – Round of 16
7pm – Round of 16
9.45pm – Round of 16

Tuesday, September 13
6.15pm – Quarter-finals
9.30pm – Quarter-finals

Wednesday, September 14
6.15pm – Quarter-finals
9.30pm – Quarter-finals

Friday, September 16
6.15pm – Semi-final
9.30pm – Semi-final

Sunday, September 18
6.15pm – Third-place
9.30pm – Final

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